Gail Dean Kolesar CPA LLC

A full service certified public accounting firm providing tax preparation, accounting and auditing services!

#1 Secret to Business Success!

London Bridge (Lake Havasu City), Arizona, USAAct Now!

Do you believe this is the year to make that quantum leap in your business?

Want to know the #1 secret to business success?  How to make money, serve others and expand your business in Lake Havasu?

You can learn the EXACT formula to plan, structure and expand your business as well as fulfill your goal of achieving a highly profitable company.

In the process, you will get our special 50% discount on your 2012 tax return preparation if you are ready to:

  • Take your business life into your own hands
  • Commit to making a positive change in your business
  • Take action NOW

Take that first step now by contacting us at or calling us at 928-680-1994 to set up your tax appointment.

Feel that you’re not ready because your records are in a mess?  We can help you in organizing it yourself or we can summarize the information for you!

We will also reveal the secrets of our budgeting and business planning strategies.  The same secrets we have shared with our most successful clients.

Here’s that link again:



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